What is online personalization exactly ?

The definition of personalization from the Cambridge business English Dictionary is "the process of making something suitable for the needs of a particular person".
So online personalization can be a web-based service.
On a website, the interface allows you to customize products for your specific needs.

Websites are becoming more likely to offer online customization services. Years ago the first garment that you could customize online was the shirt. Nowadays it is not the only one. A lot of shops and websites offer customize other accessories, like baseball cap or shoes.
Recently, in 2015, the French brand Etam launched its web-based service of customization of lingerie.
The sale of customized products gets organized easily on a site of e-commerce.It is a way for the marks to appropriate the trade Internet and to encourage impulse buys.
Another commercial revolution is born with the Web-to-print as an online personalization solution for many Websites.

A Web-to-print that assists websites in customizing objects with text and photos

Elite-print solution is more than a simple Web-to-print. With its feature plug and play, this tool is going to allow his user being able to leave a blank document and to create its doc by using models (templates). This publisher of online customization Plug and Play is intended to be easily connected to sites e-commerce the most wide-spread.

The module addresses developers, Web designers but also printers. As printer, it is likely that they wanted being able to propose a service of Web to Print one day.
In this case Elite-print is the solution allowing them to choose the style of e-commerce site which corresponds to them at best to connect him then, by means of their Web agency, to the module...

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