The world of Equitack, a passion for horses

This discipline is more practice by many people, and it’s getting a tendency fashion nowadays. Equitation is this concept to train horse and respect the animal morphology, about his size and his age, and his race. Let’s talk more about horse’s sport.

Work with a great animal

There are many sport that we can practice on nature area, but the equitation is nearest nature. There are many horse centers around the world and surely there is on your country. Their important position is to give some education for those that interest on horse. They have also a big place for the practice and for the challenge.

The horse eats so much

This is also the important thing that you must know. A horse consumes 60% of his weight. And drink 20 litters of water a day. This is for a horse on his three, four years old with his hiking activity. But for a rider, or a horse course and a jumper one, the quality of his food is so far of his weight.

The equitation equipment

Anytime, we forget that equitation needs some equipment, for the horse and the rider. The equipment of his horse is chosen in relation to the conformation of the animal and the discipline practiced. It is essential to choose the best sellers like those that expose the best used saddles for sale is well positioned and perfectly adapted to the morphology of the horse.

We do not have schedules time when we have horse

May be that you got this horse on a very bad price, but before the engagement there are something that you have to prepare. A horse need a house and it is like a stable, but more structural. He also needs a space to ride. It doesn’t mean that if you have a little space, you can’t have a horse, yes you can, because there are many boarding horse, and may be that it’s not so far of your house. Yes, it will cost you some money, but you have also to compare the best one.

Don’t forget that this horse needs to consult the veterinary, once a month even that he is just there for the pleasure.

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