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One could say that the journal has always existed and its role is to give you news, alert you or enlighten you on various topics.

Information is abundant and diverse. Time, sometimes lack, well to keep abreast of the news and yet need to know is stronger than anything.

How can you get there in a short time ?

An information page must be legible at the first glance with titles simple and written in large print. Thus, it will be easier to identify the news that interest you most and to directly fetch articles relating thereto.

For other events that have not attracted your attention, an image or a photo is important. It illustrates, often in a relevant way the articles and you will want to read what lies behind it.

The home page

So it should be airy and offer you the important points of what is happening in your city and its nearby, a local newspaper, or what is happening in the world for a national newspaper.

You can find news on actors, cinema, fashion, sport and other more traditional topics that deal with the kitchen, the life of this or that character local or not, a touristic site interesting to visit.

And don't forget...

The games, that many newspapers offer you entertain and bring you little relaxation !

The newspaper is a true link with the outside world and its role which is traditional course but that has always been, well inform you and for you to better understand the world that surrounds you.

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