The future of video conferencing solutions

A meeting is a fundamental event in the life of any business. We make decisions, we see what way to take for the future of society ... However, we can also face emergencies that require some form of presence. Videoconferencing has thus revolutionized the professional world in this context. However, we can go far beyond simple images.

Push the boundaries

Today, it has become a banal gesture to make video calls. However, we must not forget that this already enters the world of videoconferences. However, this presents borders because most of the time, we are confronted with material constraints. Xpert Eye offers a new approach in terms of video conferencing solutions. By focusing its audience on the use of connected glasses, the project is now enjoying tremendous success. Indeed, this technology combines virtual reality with support such as a telescope. This then pushes the possibilities known to date. In videoconferencing, you will not have small images but a three-dimensional configuration of the person. Besides that, and that's really interesting, you can change the scenery to give more professional impressions in emergency meetings.

Other applications

The videoconferencing solution that AMA offers with its Xpert Eye is one of a kind. By having virtual images in mind, you can easily perform a task. Concretely, imagine that you are assisted by something that directs you at all times. For example, when you take your car, you turn on the GPS to indicate the way. Just imagine that directions are displayed on your glasses. In addition, the field of medicine can also use such technologies. For example, in a surgery, the doctor can see beyond what he sees with the naked eye. It is a real advance in this area since this would prevent some accidents. In remote maintenance, smart glass glasses play a vital role. The operator can consult instructions at any time. In addition, the supervisor will have simultaneous images of what the agent does and can intervene if necessary.

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