Fastest way to rent a boat

Whether you're a sailor or not, boat rental sites are the fastest way to rent a boat from your couch. The sofa is the starting point for a memorable holiday. Online booking on websites like Samboat, enables you to choose to board with or without a captain. A cruise in the Mediterranean or along the Atlantic coast is just one click away!

Quick reservation with confidence

Book a cruise without blazing prices, thanks to the collaborative platforms dedicated to sailing, based on sharing and confidence, it is possible even at the last minute. The owners, whether private or professional, easily rent their boat to tenants who can find their happiness in just a few clicks. Intuitive search engine, detailed description of boats with photos and comments, integrated insurance that permits you to navigate in all serenity. The number of boats offered and covered destinations are increasing thanks to a booming popularity. A week cruise from Athens, the Balearic Islands or Seychelles can also be booked, and reservations are made in less than 5 minutes!

Fast booking with confidence

The search engine provides free access to all ads on these sites and plunges into a world of travel and discovery... It remains to choose from a selection proposed according to the preferences recorded: destination, dates, boat types... The boat and renter comments and evaluations left by previous tenants can help the decision. Once the boat has been chosen, its owner can be contacted to ask any questions that are useful for the rental (modalities, equipment, availability, key delivery, etc.).

A community with the wind in its sails

A boat generally sails an average of ten days a year. The rest of the time, it's damaged on the port and it's expensive for its owner. Samboat makes it possible to connect owners, individuals and professionals who wish to rent their boat with tenants who can access the joys of boating more easily. Thus, if you wish to rent a boat,all you have to is to register on this platform.

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