Buying a spa: From Ambiance to Performance

Before buying a spa, there are a few things to think about first. Where do you install it? What are you going to use it for? For a festive atmosphere or for your well-being or for a therapeutic purpose, .... Some even manage to spend a lot of money for a spa solely intended for their benefits. The others prefer inexpensive Jacuzzi spa just for their pleasure and put it in their garden. Whatever the reason for the purchase, there are a few tips to follow and some important checks to make to keep this equipment in good working order and for as long as possible.

Check the number of places

There are a multitude of spa sizes on the market. There are small spas with only 2 places and one with up to 10 places. It should also be ensured that the body is comfortable and feels the comfort throughout the spa practice.

Check water jets and pumps

To obtain the correct therapeutic performance of the massage, it will be best to have many varieties of jets available. But, there must be a balance between the power of the pumps and the number of jets. The arrangement of the jets also plays an important role because it provides better comfort and allows the massage to be carried out on different parts of the body.

Filtration verification

Hot water is a favorable medium for the creation of bacteria. Therefore, the antibacterial rubber filter should be cleaned once a week. When the filter gets small, it needs to be changed. Otherwise, it is recommended to change the filter every year. For a smaller budget, you can use an ozonator with a pump to filter the water permanently.

Insulation check

To avoid an increase in the electricity bill to be paid, especially in winters, you must have a very good cover and perfect insulation. In the opinion of a professional, a cover of 5 inches in the center and four inches on the sides is a good quality for the spa in winter. Thus, the quality of the insulating foam determines that of the insulation. To be of good quality, this foam must be dense, rigid and be contained between the shell and the skirt.

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