The beat and sound of the Tongue drums

The tongue drum is an appealing and unique percussion of the idiophone family. Other names are given to him, such as tank drum, steel tongue drum or hank drum. The stunning form, which is reminiscent of the shape of a flying saucer, catches his attention and gives him a special aura. It allows you to play rhythms or melodies with your language, the number of which varies; these shape the various notes of the instrument.

The acoustic tongue drum

The carbon band provides a unique and innovative design for the instrument. You may play the instrument by hands or by briefcases. The Beat Root acoustic is ideal for intimate playing. The tongue drum can be played by everybody thanks to its intuitive handling. There is no need for specific knowledge to start playing fine melodies. Whether you are an accomplished musician or novice, you will quickly find your marks. The sound of our Beat Root will inspire and calm you so that your creative thinking can be ignited. It is also the ideal tool for children and adults to have a gentle musical awakening.

The electro acoustic tongue drum

In order to link the instrument to the amplifier, an effect pedal and an Electro Acoustic Beat Root, the Electro Acoustic tongue drums is fitted with a microphone and 6.3 mm jack socket and other accessories. The electro-acoustic version is suitable for those wishing to improve tongue drum's sound by effects or easily integrate it in their own music.

The multi range tongue drum

The Multi Range tongue drum is the first tongue drum unified in a language drum of 6 different scales. It has all the features of the Electroacoustic Beat Root, and has a clever tuning system that allows you to switch in just a few seconds from one distance to another! The electro-acoustic tongue drum Multi Range is ideally designed to express you in different musical ways, alone or in bands, or to make high-quality recordings, with a wide range of sounds and tunings.

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